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Camille Kostek on ‘Wipeout’ return, Super Bowl 2022 prediction

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“Wipeout” star Camille Kostek believes NFL boyfriend Rob Gronkowski has what it takes to tackle the show’s thrilling obstacle course — not to mention those giant red balls.

“I definitely think that Rob could take it,” Kostek recently told The Post. “I think he would definitely get wiped out, though. No matter how much he trains, no matter how athletic he is, he would definitely own up to the title of the show.”

Camille Kostek returns to “Wipeout” on Tuesday, Jan. 11, as an in-the-field correspondent.
Tyler Golden

While Gronkowski, 32, is currently preparing for the Buccaneers’ wild-card playoff game Sunday against the Eagles, Kostek is back in action as an in-the-field correspondent for “Wipeout,” which returns to TBS on Tuesday. Joined by co-hosts John Cena and Nicole Byer, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, 29, teased that her role will be taking her new heights in the forthcoming episodes — literally.

“Let’s just say my position is not the same as what it was the first season, I pretty much am hosting from the sky,” Kostek said. “So when I was told, ‘are you scared of heights,’ and I said, ‘no,’ thank goodness I was telling the truth.”

"Wipeout" stars Nicole Byer, Camille Kostek, and John Cena
“Wipeout” stars Nicole Byer, Camille Kostek, and John Cena
Tyler Golden

Kostek revealed that she had to climb about seven stories up to get to her actual hosting post.

“It’s definitely not only thrilling for the contestants, it’s thrilling for me the host. And when we’re both just thrilled to be there, I really hope that it shows to everyone watching at home cause we have a lot of fun,” Kostek said.

As part of her role on “Wipeout,” Kostek interacts with and gets to know contestants as they pass through three challenging rounds in hopes of winning the competition.

“I want every single one of those contestants to feel like this is the best day of their life, a day that they will remember forever,” she said.

Camille Kostek stars in "Wipeout"
Camille Kostek stars in “Wipeout”
Tyler Golden

Although Kostek has had a slew of pinch-me moments over the past year, notably a breakout role in the Ryan Reynolds comedy “Free Guy,” stepping onto the “Wipeout” set always leaves her in awe.

“I even wonder every time I come to set, how does it get better? How do you set it up for the next season? It was really cool to come on the set and see the obstacle courses are even bigger, even better,” she said.

Camille Kostek (right) celebrates with "Wipeout" contestants.
Camille Kostek (right) lets loose with “Wipeout” contestants.
Tyler Golden

And while 2022 may just be getting started, Kostek is already gearing up for what may be a busy few weeks ahead, given she’s predicting a return trip to the Super Bowl for the reigning champion Buccaneers.

“It’s already in my mind that I see the Bucs playing in that new Los Angeles stadium. In my mind, I already see the Bucs there. I think a Bucs-Patriots Super Bowl would be epic,” Kostek, a former New England cheerleader, said.

Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady celebrate after the Buccaneers' Super Bowl win in February 2021.
Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady celebrate after the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl win in February 2021.
Getty Images

“I love the Patriots, I love the Bucs. Obviously, both have been close to my heart, still are, so I think that would be a real good time for a lot of people.”

“Wipeout” premieres Tuesday at 9 p.m. on TBS.

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