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Charles Barkley’s ‘banging’ rant on ‘Inside the NBA’

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Shaquille O’Neal went through a range of emotions on Thursdays’ “Inside the NBA” on TNT — he couldn’t stop laughing when Charles Barkley talked about “banging,” and then quickly became enraged when Kenny Smith put lotion in his protein shake.

All of that happening in one episode Thursday, while the TNT crew discussed the Warriors-Nuggets playoff series.

While comparing Draymond Green’s defensive habits to Denver’s Nikola Jokic, Barkley said, “Draymond is bracing, and Joker, instead of going around, he’s banging and banging and banging. When a guy is banging you, you spin off of him. Those are the worst defenders to play against actually, because if you could feel their body. Come on.”

O’Neal was bouncing in his seat, laughing hysterically over Barley’s “banging” explanation.

Kenny Smith, who also couldn’t contain his laugher, said, “You’re way out of order right now.”

Ernie Johnson, meanwhile, kept a straight face while he rattled off Jokic’s stats.

Elsewhere during Thursday’s “Inside the NBA” Smith pranked O’Neal by sneaking random ingredients into a “special” protein shake he made for the Lakers legend.

“I don’t trust you,” O’Neal said before he tasted the drink and confirmed that it was “good.”

Smith’s secret recipe included spinach, Metamucil, sugar, ranch dressing, Pirate’s Booty, Coffee-mate, Aveeno lotion, “because [Shaq’s] always ashy all the time,” Canada Dry ginger ale and ice.

After O’Neal watched the making of his smoothie, he appeared furious and starred down Smith from across the studio.

“You weren’t supposed to like it,” Smith said, joining Barkley and Johnson in laughter. “I didn’t think you’d like it. I thought you would smell it and wouldn’t drink it.”

O’Neal began coughing and said, “Alright, you got me.”

Barkley added, “Look how big he is, he’ll eat anything.”

O’Neal then wiped his mouth with his papers in front of him and said, “That was a good.”

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