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Conde Nast apologizes to Vogue pub owner for lawsuit threat

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The manager of an historic pub in southern England received a framed letter of apology from Conde Nast this week, after lawyers at the publishing giant threatened to sue him over the name of his bar — the Star Inn at Vogue.

When lawyers sent pub manager Mark Graham a cease and desist letter, complaining that the name of his bar could be confused with the British version of the glossy fashion magazine earlier this month, Graham sprang into action and sent off his own note to the magazine publisher.

“I note in your letter that you have only been in existence since 1916 and I presume that at the time when you chose the name Vogue in the capitalized version you didn’t seek permission from the villagers of the real Vogue,” Graham wrote.

The Star Inn at Vogue predates the magazine by more than 200 years, he said. The village of Vogue is even older than the pub, said Graham.

Graham, who has managed the pub with his wife Rachel for the last 20 years, said he has been receiving calls from reporters from all over the world after the Conde Nast letter was made public.

Graham noted in his response to the Vogue publisher that his pub’s name predates the magazine by over 200 years.
James Dadzitis / SWNS

“I’ve had calls from Australia, America, Germany, Holland,” Graham told Cornwall Live this week. “I thought it was just a nice little story which might be of interest to a few people. But it’s taken off.”

Graham said that he and his patrons found the whole mixup “hilariously funny.”

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