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Doug Mastriano Follows Trump’s Lead In Inciting Violence By Having Rally Attendees Take Liberty Oath

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At a rally in Pennsylvania featuring Donald Trump Jr., Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano led the crowd in a “liberty oath.”


Mastriano’s oath wasn’t about protecting liberty or expanding personal liberty. The Republican candidate had his supporters swear that they would fight like in the Civil War for liberty to experience a “new birth” in Pennsylvania.

Liberty is not being taken away in Pennsylvania, but it will be if Doug Mastriano becomes governor. Currently, in Pennsylvania, women have the right to determine their healthcare, and voting rights are protected, and those two fundamental rights will be endangered if Mastriano wins.

Doug Mastriano followed Trump’s lead from the night before in Youngstown, OH, by trying to radicalize his supporters not to accept the election results and use violence if necessary to take power.

There is something very intentional happening in the Republican Party.

The 1/6 attack was not a coincidence.

MAGA Republicans have adopted violence as an acceptable tool to gain and hold political power.

Those taking the oaths at MAGA rallies are being even more radicalized, and the threat is growing to the nation.



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