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Mets go inning without announcers as SNY broadcast goes silent

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The silence was deafening.

For a few moments of the Mets’ matchup with the Diamondbacks Friday night, the SNY broadcast featured baseball in its most natural element.

During the top of the third inning, the Mets had no announcers, as Gary Cohen and Ron Darling appeared to have their microphones muted or malfunctioning. For the first two outs of the inning, the broadcast had no commentary.

Instead, viewers simply heard ambient noise from the field and stadium.

When the microphones were back and functioning properly, Cohen broke the silence light-heartedly.

Ron Darling, Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez

“Clearly somebody felt as though after yesterday it was a good idea to turn my mic off,” Cohen said on the SNY broadcast.

He was likely referring to his remark Thursday during the Mets’ win over the Giants, when a hot-mic picked up Cohen asking “‘Why are we showing Yankees highlights?”

Cohen was attempting to kick the broadcast to the SNY studio for a game break.

SNY’s audio hiccup occurred just moments after the Yankees’ beat the Guardians on an exclusive Amazon Prime broadcast. Available only to viewers in the New York metro area, the broadcast drew wide-scale ridicule.

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