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Nuestra Gente: Glickman Colon on How Employee Resource Groups Thread Personal Purpose into Career Experience

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¡Adelante Nasdaq! — our employee resource group (ERG) that explores Hispanic, Latinx and indigenous cultures — is a driving force of our Hispanic heritage and Latinx efforts at Nasdaq. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re spotlighting our members to better understand what being Latinx means to them and the role financial literacy plays in their community.

We spoke with Glickman Colon, Global Diversity Senior Manager and Adelante Global Co-Lead, who welcomes all members and allies into the #NasdaqFam.

Tell us a little bit about your background and role at Nasdaq.

I am the Diversity Senior Manager at Nasdaq, leading the diversity pillar on the Diversity, Equity and Culture team. In my role, I design the diversity strategy for our employees, developing enterprise programs, bringing awareness to different dimensions of diversity and evolving our 11 employee networks.

I am driven by a sense of purpose and passion for creating a more equitable world through a more equitable workplace. What drives me every day is ensuring that our workforce fosters a sense of inclusion and belonging for all to contribute to at their optimum potential.

How did you find out about the Adelante? What do you hope to take away and bring to the Latinx community?

When I joined Nasdaq in 2020 during the pandemic, I quickly realized I was working in a new organization alone from the comfort of my living room. Immediately, I signed up for the Adelante Nasdaq employee network. It was refreshing to share a virtual space with employees who spoke my native language, looked like me and had the same cultural interests as me. The community became part of mi familia, complete with happy hours with our families and mid-day cafecito sessions to discuss career development opportunities.

What is your most memorable experience while being a member of the Adelante? 

My most memorable experience as a member of Adelante was when we hosted our first in-person event after the pandemic. We celebrated Cinco de Mayo with other employees, enjoying tacos and refreshments on our rooftop. It was so great to finally meet everyone in person!

How does Adelante encourage inclusivity, and how can groups outside of the Adelante network be allies to the Latinx community?

At Nasdaq, we call each other #NasdaqFam, a term for all our members and allies. Adelante hosts events throughout the year, mostly in partnership with other employee networks, acknowledging our intersectionality. We recently hosted a cafecito session in collaboration with WIN, Women in Nasdaq, focused on Latina Women in the Product Management space.

The networks partnered to bring external speakers to share their career journeys and have a candid conversation about the challenges they faced as women and Latina women in the tech or product space. It was a great event where everyone engaged, even if they did not identify as Latinx. They also shared lessons learned from those challenges that helped the Adelante community and women overall.

What does being Latinx mean to you?

Being Latina means so much to me—it is who I am. It means a deep appreciation for my culture and hard work.

As an immigrant from the Dominican Republic, I am breaking the status quo. I am more than others said I could be.

Being Latina means acknowledging my ancestors’ sacrifices, celebrating my people’s dreams and creating a path for future generations to lead.

What is your favorite Hispanic tradition or personal cultural experience/story you’d like to share?

My favorite holiday to celebrate is Noche Buenas, Christmas Eve Day. We gather for a family feast with traditional food, music, dancing, laughter and drinks. Suppose you have a Hispanic/Latino colleague, ask to be invited to Noche Buenas. You won’t regret it but ensure you are dressed to impress!

What is the largest challenge the Latinx community faces today, or something that you think is often overlooked for the Latinx community?

Financial acumen and financial well-being are critical areas of opportunity for the Latinx community. Nasdaq’s purpose of championing financial inclusion for all motivates me to highlight this crucial need in the community. Adelante, as a community, has been working towards offering financial education and outreach to the Latinx community and we thank partners such as Operation Hope for being on this journey with us.

Keep a lookout for the 2022 Hispanic Heritage Month events, where this topic will be addressed.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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