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Out Now: Dual Souls: The Last Bearer Brings Tactical Street Fighter-Inspired Action To Switch

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Available as we speak on Nintendo Switch is Dual Souls: The Last Bearer, a 2D fighting game inspired by classics of the genre.

It appeared on the Switch eShop last week with little fanfare, in part thanks to the absence of Nintendo’s usual weekly Download update. The game, developed by Galip Kartoğlu and published by Stun Games, boasts a selection of unique fighters, each with their own styles and moves, as well as an emphasis on tactical fighting – you won’t just be hammering every button as fast as you can here.

Galip tells us that the game blends mechanics from several well-loved fighting hits such as Guilty Gear, Street Fighter 3, and Samurai Shodown, and that players can enjoy a variety of single-player and online modes including Combo Challenges, Arcade, Combo-Maker, RPG survival (Journey) mode, Online lobbies, ranked matches, and more. Here’s a lengthy list of features:

* Rollback Net-Code.
* Create and customize your fighter with “Journey” mode.
* Challenge players from around the world with “Net-play” mode.
* Learn game mechanics with “Tutorial Lessons”.
* Access each character’s ending and story with “Arcade” mode.
* 11 Fighters (+More with regular updates) each with unique abilities. Characters include a dagger-wielding Ottoman warrior who excels in slap attacks; a giant kunai riding ninja; a Kazakh shaman who uses spirits to attack and curse opponents; a half-beast with his pet which helps to create combination attack patterns; a Templar knight who resists and counters opponent’s attacks.
* Easy to use controls with a set-up to suit everyone.
* Multiple gameplay Modes – Arcade Mode, Story Mode, Net-play, Versus Play, Tutorials, Combo Challenges and Journey Mode (survival/customization mode).
* Tactical Features – Enhance your gameplay style and create your own combos with features like “Block” and “Counter Block” (similar to “Parry” in SF3 games), “Recovery” and “Power Recovery” (similar to Roman Cancels in GG games), “Chaos Break” (similar to Burst in GG games) and “Limit Break” attacks.
* Destroy your Opponents with Style – Unlock the power of strategic Chaos Moves by selecting one “blue” type chaos move at the start of each fight.
* Finish off your opponent with a character-specific method when they are on low health and you are on the winning round.

The game’s available on the eShop right now for £8.09 / $9.99. Think you might give this one a go? Let us know in the comments.

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