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The safest country in the world to raise a child is New Zealand – full list | Travel News | Travel

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The team at Property Guides have found the world’s safest countries to raise a family. The team looked at how easy it was to become a resident, happiness levels and the cost of living.

New Zealand is the world’s safest country to raise a family, according to new research from Property Guides.

Roseanne Bradley, Property Guides Overseas Specialist, said: “Brits have the big advantage (not to be under-estimated) of no language barrier, and attitudes and traditions largely influenced from the UK.

“Although there is the possibility of easier residency between the UK and New Zealand in a post-Brexit world, little of substance has been agreed so far.

“You still need to apply for a residency visa and after 24 months, you can apply for a permanent resident visa.


“When it comes to housing, New Zealand is a great choice. Homes here may not be cheap, but they are twice as big as the average UK home.

“New Zealand also outperforms the average for OECD country for income, jobs, health, education and satisfaction of life.”

Life in New Zealand is centred around the outdoors and children will be able to take part in adventurous activities.

From white water rafting to mountain climbing and biking, weekends will be busy in New Zealand.

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France was ranked the second best country to raise a family and is a lot more convenient for weekend trips to visit the grandparents.

Roseanne said: “One thing about living in France you’ll soon learn is that there’s a huge sense of community.

“Some 94 percent of people say they know someone they could rely on in a time of need.

“France takes work-life-balance seriously, with a definite ‘work to live, not live to work’ attitude compared to some countries.

“French law grants citizens the ‘right to disconnect’, which basically translates as, don’t reply to work emails at the weekend.

“When the kids head off to uni, it won’t saddle them with decades of debt either. “French universities charge around £2,500 per year compared to British universities’ £10,000, minimum. Take that UK!”

Italy and Spain also made the top five safest countries to raise a family and each have a lower cost of living than the UK.

Ireland rounded off the best destinations to raise a family and is also the fourth best country to live according to the Living Cost Organisation.

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